Water TAP was implemented between 2013-2015 by water utilities in Morocco (ONEE), Tunisia (SONEDE), Egypt (3 companies of the HCWW: Luxor, Gharbia, Aatrouh) and Jordan (Miyahuna, Aqaba Water and WAJ).

The regional water association ACWUA is managing the pool of Water Integrity trainers and experts from the region who provide guidance and coaching to the water utilities. ACWUA is the regional advocate for Water Integrity at the Arab Water Week and Best-Practice-Conferences as well as at international fora. The Water Integrity Network (WIN) provides further advice through its secretariat in Berlin and its members, e.g. the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI.

The activities of Water TAP are linked to ACWUA WANT, a regional capacity development program of the GIZ and ACWUA. It aims to develop instruments and advocate quality standards to enhance the technical and commercial performance of water and wastewater utilities, and to test and promote their application in water utilities through a blend of regional dialogue, training and networking.

The Water TAP project is grateful to the Water Integrity Network (WIN), namely Lotte Feuerstein and other international partners such as the UNDP Water Governance Facility, Stockholm and namely Dr. Håkan Troop at the SIWI as author of the training manual on Water Integrity for their valuable contributions and granting permission to use their training material and other sources.