The ACWUA Task Force «Quality Management Systems» (TF-QMS)

The Task Force QMS (Quality Management Systems) was established at the 6th ACWUA Best Practice Conference in December 2013 in Algiers and managed by the following stockholders: 

The aim is to share experience and transfer knowledge and good practices about auditing and certification processes as part of the quality management systems. The Task Force agreed to adapt the TSM-Egypt system to the TSM-Arab system that can be applied with some modifications elsewhere in the MENA region and amongst ACWUA members.  

The Task Force developed a vision and ToR [Terms of Reference] for their work and a PoO [Plan of Operation]. [see also on the right for these files].

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the HCWW and ACWUA at the 3rd Arab Water Week in January 2015.

The GIZ ACWUA WANT program supported the process to develop the TSM-Arab requirements and to implement a TSM-Arab pilot program with water and wastewater utilities in Tunisia and Jordan during the period 2013-2015.


To ensure the sustainability of the programme, it was decided to split the technical group into two teams: 

  • The first team will act as inspector group from HCWW-Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia. The members of this team are qualified and licensed by GIZ, HCWW and ACWUA as regional TSM-Arab Inspectors.
  • The second team is responsible for the preparation of the pilot facilities in both of Jordan and Tunisia. The team-members are also qualified and licensed by GIZ, ACWUA & HCWW.

The technical team (TSM-Arab Task Force) collected all available Arabian codes, regulation, laws and standards. They issued the first version of TSM Arab requirements, facilitated several orientation workshops and visited the pilot facilities to promote and explain the concept of TSM Arab and its processes implementations.

The Task Force group was established from the following countries: 

  • Egypt (as a leader of the team due to the experience in application TSM Egypt)
  • Jordan (as a pilot country to apply TSM Arab)
  • Tunisia (as pilot country to apply TSM Arab)
  • Algeria, Yemen and Palestine