TSM-Egypt was developed by the HCWW Egypt, supported by the WWRP GIZ project in Egypt.

ACWUA WANT assists the ACWUA secretariat and the ACWUA tasks force to 

  • Develop the TSM-Arab requirements for water utilities & wastewater utilities
  • Test it in pilot utilities in Tunisia and Jordan
  • Train TSM-Arab inspectors
  • Promote and advocate its application in the MENA region, e.g. at the Arab Water Week (AWW) or Best-Practice-Conferences of ACWUA.

TSM-Arab requirements aims at the development of Water and Wastewater facilities in the members countries of ACWUA to reach conformity to the Arabian regulations, codes, laws and standards in fields of management of the following activities:

  • Human resources
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Operation
  • Maintenance and 
  • Quality Assurance

The ACWUA Task Force QMS developed two documents for TSM-Arab, based on the TSM-Egypt documents: [See the column right for TSM-Arab for water utilities and TSM-Arab for wastewater utilities].