Energy Efficiency - ACWUA Task Force

[Group photo Tunis 2014]

The ACWUA Task Force «Energy Efficiency» (TF-EE) was established at the 6th ACWUA Best Practice Conference in December 2013 in Algiers. There are some 14 experts from ACWUA utilities as permanent members who were delegated by their employers. The chairperson elected is from ONEE, Morocco. 

The Task Force developed Terms of Reference and agreed on a Plan of Operation [see downloads]. The goal is to develop instruments to enhance energy performance (efficiency, use, consumption) at utility level and promote tem amongst ACWUA members. ACWUA WANT assists the ACWUA secretariat and the ACWUA tasks force during the period 2014-2015 to: 

  • develop regional guidelines on energy checks & energy analysis (EC/EA)
  • train EC and EA experts in the region
  • test the guidelines in pilot utilities in Tunisia and Morocco
  • promote their application in the MENA region and to
  • increase knowledge & share experience in Energy Management Systems EMS) and energy audits  amongst ACWUA members.

The formats of capacity development are seminars, workshops, training, training-of-trainers, conferences, international fairs, technical advice and twinning.  Recently, the Task Force organised two sessions on Energy Efficiency at the 3rd Arab Water Week in Jordan [see also AWW Session Presentations].