e-Learning Scenarios

GIZ, ACWUA-Want and ONEE normally use for their courses the «Collaborative Learning» or «e-Learning 2.0» approach. In this, participants are accompanied by skilled e-tutors, specialized trainers who on one hand have the expert knowledge to answer the participants questions adequately and to be good partners for online discussions and – on the other hand – know a lot about the conditions and the special requirements of distance learning.

Since 2003, courses evolved from CBTs (Computer-based Trainings, delivered on CD) and later WBTs (Web-based Trainings) into todays e-Learnings. Modern trainings use interactive tools in a virtual learning environment (LMS – Learning Management System) to enable the learning process and collaboration among participants and trainers. The LMS manages all elements of an e-Learning course (access rights, content, media, layout, communication tools) and thus enables to adapt course content very quickly according to new developments and regional requirements.

The GIZ/ACWUA/ONEE LMS system is based on an Open-Source «Content Management System» (Typo3). This modular system makes it possible to integrate also other learning management systems, such as for example MOODLE.