«e-tutor ToT – Training of Trainers»

The training course is a typical example of «Blended Learning». 10 lessons will lift the participants to a common level and online interactive exercises (acting as participant or as a tutor) help the trainers to gain experience to conducting an e-Learning course.

After the online phase, the most committed participants are invited to a face-2-face training which will them make familiar with their tasks and the duties of an organization which will implement an e-Learning [see «Library» for manuals and tasks].

Please understand that these trainings are on invitation and for experienced trainers only.

Cooperative Learning Approach

The concept of this training course is that active participants are acting in two different roles: first of all as participant who should learn about the basic activities of online trainers in an e-learning. The courses objective is therefore to enable trainers to work as an online tutor after its successful completion.

Language, Targetgroup & Certificates

The online course is available in English only, while the face-to-face phase is in any needed language. Right now, these trainings are provided in English and French.

The e-tutors should be familiar with moderation and facilitation of trainings and workshops in general. It is also strongly expected that the trainers know how to access the internet and how to overcome simple net-connection problems on their own. Trainers might consider it helpful to participate in another existing e-Learning course as a participant before taking part here.

Successful participants receive an electronic certificate issued by ACWUA and ONEE which entitles them to work as an e-tutor.


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