ACWUA Regional Benchmarking Program (ACWUA-RBM)

Within the activities of the regional ACWUA WANT project supported by GIZ, and building on ACWUA benchmarking technical working group (BM-TWG) kick-off meeting in Algeria, the BM-TWG agreed on the vision, mission, expected tasks, methodology and approach. As a result, the group agreed to work on a pilot benchmarking program (ACWUA-RBM) for ACWUA utility members following the international best practices of benchmarking for water and wastewater utilities.

During group meeting in April 2015, it was agreed that ACWUA-RBM will focus on the followings aspects:

  • Overall Utility Performance
  • Non-Revenue Water
  • Energy Efficiency

The list in the frame beside illustrates the Performance Indicators to be collected and analyzed from all utilities participating in ACWUA-RBM.

ACWUA-RBM will utilize aquabench online software for data acquisition and data analysis. The technical team from ACWUA secretariat will be responsible on managing ACWUA-RBM within the support of the BM-TWG to help in them in promoting this benchmarking exercise, and invite water utilities from different Arab countries to join the first regional benchmarking exercise in the Arab region.

The utilities willing to join ACWUA-RBM benchmarking exercise should kindly download the registration form from the right and send back the filled form by e-mail to the ACWUA Director of Programs and Technical Services, Mr. Mustafa Nasereddin.